Navigating the Challenges of Adolescence with Confidence and Success

At Empowering Tuition, we understand adolescence. Increased hormone levels don’t always mix with academia and the challenges of school life. So when students arrive at tutoring we ensure they can take a big breath and be themselves.

In the 2020 Gallup Australia student poll, where over 10,000 students were surveyed strong links were revealed between levels of hope, engagement, and student well-being with graduation rates and future success. Our high school tutoring classrooms promote well-being by giving students the individual attention they need. Students become hopeful as they are taught exam technique. Good study habits are also forged and they become exam-ready. Further, through a close connection with their tutor students are fully engaged. Motivation is high and students are on their pathway to success.

Engaging Learning Environment

Great atmosphere where students are engaged and comfortable to be themselves.

Personalised Attention

High school tutoring students receive the individual attention they need to excel.

Evidence-Based Teaching

Top quality teaching with explanations provided at each student's level.

Independent Problem Solving

We provide scaffolds and tools which allow students to problem-solve when working independently.

Develop Study Skills

Establish good study habits from routinely completing homework and learning to prepare thoroughly for exams.

Give Your Child the Help They Need

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Maths Tutoring

Under the guidance of Daniel Uzcilas, a qualified and practising mathematics teacher of 20 years, students are energised and come to appreciate the value of hard work. The concepts and processes involved with “working out” a maths question are carefully explained and most importantly at the appropriate student level. Students realise the simplicity of “how to” do mathematics questions and through application and positive reinforcement quickly transition into being successful at maths.

The key ingredients to excelling in high school maths are developing good study habits and being accountable for all set work. At Empowering Tuition, our lessons are spent working on and consistently checking that students are completing and correcting all set classwork and homework. It's one thing to understand a concept but another to know how to apply it in a variety of contexts. By doing this, students are able to see for themselves that on a daily basis they are doing well in maths. This leads to increased self confidence and a more positive outlook on the subject of maths. We demonstrate how to study for maths exams and provide the invaluable worksheets, past papers and resources which students MUST complete in order to prepare well for exams.

English Tutoring

In high school English tutoring is done either 1-1 or in a small class of 2. In line with recent adjustments to the curriculum, the focus of English tutoring is on reading and writing. We are living in a time where reading and developing a love of books is being phased out. At Empowering tuition, we address this and work hand in hand with students to give them a greater appreciation of why reading is so important. Students become closely acquainted with the text, they develop vocabulary and they improve comprehension by looking at the different meaning, styles and purposes of the text. This helps with sowing the crucial seeds of critical analysis - skills which are integral to success in Years 10, 11 and 12.

As students progress through high school the focus of English tutoring turns to writing. In short, students learn how to communicate more effectively. They develop strong persuasive skills and learn how to utilise language depending on the content, audience and purpose of the task. Students are provided with the “know how” of crafting a written response. Our tutors teach students the literary technique PEEL - Point, Examples, Explanation and Links. This provides students with the basic skills of how to structure a paragraph. They begin with a topic sentence, insert a quote or example from the text and then explain and link it back to the topic sentence.

Benefits of Our High School Tutoring Services

  • With high completion of homework and getting questions correct students start achieving and believing in themselves.

  • Confidence grows and motivation is high.

  • The feed forward loop is established. With a positive attitude and renewed energy students spend more time revising and preparing for exams.

  • Students are taught exam technique and how to manage exam pressure.

  • Pathways to success are now accessible and within reach.