Building Strong Foundations In The Formative Years

At Empowering Tuition, we understand how important it is to get the right support and nourishment in the early years. Literacy and numeracy provide the building blocks for high school and later in life.

Creating fun-filled primary school tutoring lessons with the guidance of our experienced tutors facilitates a love of learning and ensures your child’s academic future is bright.

Personalised Learning

Learning is tailored to the specific learning needs and goals of each student.

Engaging Lessons

Strong relationships with tutors ensures students are connected and learning is meaningful and relevant.

Small class sizes

Primary school tutoring lessons are either 1-1 or a group of two.

Active Learning

High levels of class engagement ensure students are active learners and developing a positive attitude towards school.

Qualified Tutors

Experienced tutors ensure developmental outcomes set by the NSW syllabus are met.

Learning is Fun

Students receive fun and exciting lessons and want to go tutoring.

Give Your Child the Help They Need

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Interactive Games And Puzzles Keep Learning Fun

In a highly unregulated industry such as tutoring, at Empowering Tuition we make sure our tutors are qualified and experienced. This means firstly we are across the NSW primary syllabus. We know what are the age appropriate goals within each Key Learning Area and the targeted outcomes which need to be met.

Being teachers we are surrounded by and working with students everyday. This allows us to receive and connect with students better while ensuring at the same time we are using language and a teaching style best suited to each student and is at their level.

For primary aged children we know that a key factor for success is feeling confident in all aspects of the learning process. We take the time therefore to get know your child first and build a rapport that enables students to feel comfortable and in turn confident when approaching academic challenge.

Guided by the NSW syllabus initial and ongoing assessments are used to determine your child’s best starting point in both maths and English and to ensure during their time tutoring that key educational outcomes are being met.

There is a blended focus on skill development, mastery, and application style questions which means students get the great opportunity to feel success in a variety of ways. During our lessons, students are given feedback and positive motivation which helps them feel empowered and indeed capable of then taking their learning back into the classroom.

Depending on your child’s age, our primary school tutoring lessons are planned and scaffolded to suit the developmental level of each student. Our qualified primary tutors pride themselves on integrating a range of fun educational games and use a variety of resources to keep things fresh and exciting during our lessons. This ensures our students are highly engaged during the learning process.

Benefits of Our Primary School Tutoring Services

  • Students thrive in a relaxed learning environment.

  • They are nourished and cared for in small class sizes.

  • Trust and rapport with qualified tutors builds confidence and resilience.

  • Students feel confident in all aspects of the learning process. Research shows this increases the likelihood of success.

  • Strong foundations are made and students are now ready for the step up to high school.