Walking Side By Side & Keeping It Together Along the Way

The two years that form the Higher School Certificate (HSC) bring significant expectation and exam pressure on to students. How they handle this and apply themselves to their study is critical to their success.

Our year 11 & 12 tutors at Empowering Tuition have first-hand experience of HSC success. We know how to relate to students and how to break down the content into small digestible chunks. Importantly, students are held accountable for all homework. They benefit from the daily satisfaction of leaving no stone unturned and staying on top of their work.

Students learn resilience and how to handle adversity under exam conditions. They are taught exam technique and together with completing hand-picked resources and past papers, students become exam-ready. This breeds confidence and they are motivated for what lies ahead.

Personalised Learning

Tailored lessons where HSC students receive exactly the help they need.

qualified tutors

Experienced & qualified tutors who know the pathway to HSC success.

Evidence-Based Teaching

Students learn problems solving skills and develop resilience when faced with adversity.

HSC Curriculum

Our experienced tutors teach to the critical objectives in the Curriculum which must be met.

HSC Success

Students are held accountable for all set work & the completion of revision exercises in the lead up to exams.

Give Your Child the Help They Need

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Maths Tutoring

Whether it's Standard Mathematics or the rigours of Extension 2 Maths, our experienced tutors provide a calming and reassuring influence. We use evidence-based teaching so students learn how to best problem-solve and tackle harder questions. Strong links are forged between what is learnt in algebra and equations and how this translates to the graphical side of mathematics. With our guidance and support students learn to master sketching straight lines and curves, which is crucial for the harder Year 12 topics of calculus and finding the area under a curve (Advanced Course) and non-linear functions (Standard Course).

Changes to the curriculum in recent years has brought in new content such as networks (Standard maths) and common content between the Standard and Advanced courses. The reality is this is new content for both teachers and students. As such it isn’t always taught well at school, so students find it highly effective to go over this in finer detail in tutoring lessons and give it the attention it deserves.

English Tutoring

The focus of English tutoring turns to developing essay writing skills and critical analysis. The texts being studied in class are closely examined and students learn about the different question types of the HSC. With the guidance of our tutors, students learn how to demonstrate an understanding of both the mature themes and the subtleties of a text. They are provided with impromptu questions and given opportunities to write a response under exam conditions.

By establishing strong essay skills, students learn how to develop an argument and write with persuasion. Through analysis of text, they come to appreciate the importance of historical context and background information. English can be quite subjective and so it's vital students learn how to justify the reasons for their ideas about a play or an author. This is where students need intimate knowledge of and supporting evidence from the text. Our HSC tutors also show students how to write with coherent structure, using a literary technique such as PEEL (Point, Example, Explain, and Links) as the basis for their written response.

Benefits of Our HSC Tutoring Services

  • Students are mentored and kept calm throughout the HSC.

  • They learn exam technique and how to best perform under exam conditions.

  • Students develop strong work ethic, they are well prepared and ultimately exam ready.

  • Students are happy and confident knowing they have done the lead up work.

  • They are positive and motivated for what lies ahead.