Moulding Positive Confident Students on the Road to Success

At Empowering Tuition, we have a proud history of being established by qualified and experienced tutors. We understand the different pressures and challenges which school children face.

Our primary and high school tutors know which are the common roadblocks to learning and indeed progress. Our mission is to draw on our teaching experience and transform student pathways into academic success.

Give Your Child the Help They Need

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About Empowering Tuition

Our tutoring began in response to the modern day classroom where with big class sizes many students feel left behind, disconnected or in need of more attention. So we thought lets offer something different!

Unlike other tutoring centres, our lessons are not pre-determined with a tutor standing at the front of a classroom teaching to a big class. Our class sizes are small. In primary school, it is mainly 1-1, and in high school, this may extend to 3-4 students maximum. As a result, the teaching is always personalised and relevant to what is being taught in class. Our focus is on homework and upcoming assessments and when available going back over problematic topics/areas to make sure we leave no stone unturned.

Our classrooms provide a relaxed and informal environment. Students feel comfortable and happy to work alongside their tutor. We utilise fun educational games and a variety of activities to ensure students are active learners and kept engaged during the lesson. With our tutors' guidance and use of positive reinforcement, students are then capable to take their learning back into the classroom and finish schoolwork at home. This completes the learning cycle and is a vital cog in the process of a student becoming a motivated independent learner.

At Empowering Tuition, we are known for connecting with and empowering students to achieve their personal best. Once they start, students remain with us for a large portion, if not all of their primary or high school years. This is testament to forming meaningful and long-lasting relationships – where we get to know the person behind the student. Students emerge as resilient confident learners. They can handle the pressure of exam blocks and come through the other side happy and comfortable knowing they have given their best.

About the team

Our main tutor is Daniel Uzcilas. Daniel completed his HSC with an ATAR of 98.2 back in 1995. He was first in Extension 1 Mathematics, Advanced English, Chemistry, and Ancient History, while captaining the B Grade Rugby League and Cricket teams to premierships and representing NSW in touch football.

Daniel completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy between 1997-2000 before becoming a qualified Mathematics and Religious Education teacher with a Graduate Diploma at the Australian Catholic University in 2003. He has since taught overseas and within Sydney catholic schools in both a full-time and casual capacity and remains active as a teacher today. Daniel has delved into coaching along the way in sports such as rugby league, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and touch football. This combined experience allows Daniel to relate to and connect with students on many levels.

At Empowering Tuition, we focus on providing tutors with an educational background. We use a combination of qualified teachers and those at university training to be teachers. Our tutors are also mums and dads, the young or retired and this variety in life experience and/or recent HSC experience allows us to offer top-quality tutors who can cater to your child’s individual needs.

We understand every child is unique and with different learning needs. Our tutors accommodate this by being flexible in their teaching styles and ensuring the teaching is highly personalised and relevant to each student’s needs.