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At Empowering Tuition, we understand the importance of finding the right tutor for your child. That's why we offer a free trial lesson to help you experience our personalised approach without any commitment.

This trial lesson allows both students and parents to see first-hand how our tutoring can make a difference.

Risk-Free Experience

Try our tutoring services without any financial commitment. Ensure our approach fits your child’s needs before making a decision.

Personalised Introduction

Receive a customised evaluation of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. Build rapport and ensure compatibility with our tutors.

Insightful Feedback

Get expert feedback on your child’s current academic performance. Receive a personalised plan and recommendations for ongoing support.

Increased Confidence

Help your child gain confidence in their abilities through a positive first experience. Boost motivation by demonstrating early progress and success.

Give Your Child the Help They Need

Call us now to book your FREE TRIAL LESSON. Availability is limited.

How It Works

  1. Book a Session: Easily schedule your free trial lesson online or by filling out the form below.
  2. Initial Assessment: Our tutor will conduct a brief assessment to understand your child's needs.
  3. Trial Lesson: Participate in a full lesson designed to showcase our teaching methods.
  4. Feedback Session: Receive feedback and discuss the next steps for your child's education.

Flexible Payment Options After The Trial

We offer flexible payment options to make the transition smooth:

  • Pay Per Lesson: Initially, you can pay per lesson, ensuring you’re comfortable before committing.
  • No Long-term Commitment: After the trial, decide if you want to continue on a per-lesson basis or opt for a term plan.

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Book your free trial lesson today and take the first steps to transforming your child into a motivated, confident and successful student.

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