The Benefits of One-On-One Tutoring

one-on-one tutoring session with student

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your child’s learning, you must consider one-on-one tutoring. This is because one-to-one tutoring provides a customised learning experience that cannot be duplicated in group tutoring or the common classroom setting.

With one-on-one tutoring, the lesson plan used in this setting is specifically created for the individual student and is customised to fit that student’s learning level. With such a targeted approach, teaching is more effective leading to enhanced learning outcomes.

One-to-one tutoring provides a flexible schedule and better engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the details behind one-to-one tutoring and explore what it can do.

What is One-To-One Tutoring?

One-on-one tutoring is a form of private tutoring. It is designed to provide a student with custom learning sessions with a tutor. The customisation of these sessions is designed specifically to match the academic requirements of the individual student.

This targeted approach is unique in that it is nothing like a traditional classroom setting where multiple students learn the same things at the same time from a single teacher. With one-to-one tutoring, all the teaching is focused on a single student which is more effective as it meets the individual needs of the student. These needs may be in the form of flexible scheduling and a lesson plan that meets the learning skills of the student.

One-On-One Tutoring Advantages

There are several advantages to one-to-one tutoring. They include flexible scheduling, increased engagement, personal attention, and instant feedback and course correction. Here is a closer look at each of these advantages.

Flexible Scheduling

When you consider how rigid fixed school timetables are, private tutoring is an attractive alternative for many people. Because of the one-to-one nature of the teaching/learning process, scheduling can be fit around other activities to accommodate the needs of a student. This lets students continue to pursue work or other activities without sacrificing learning opportunities.

Increased Engagement

With the full and uninterrupted attention of a tutor, students are going to be more engaged in the learning process. Plus, the individual, one-on-one teaching method allows that student to ask more questions and seek better clarification without slowing down a class full of students. This type of teaching model leads to a safer and more productive learning environment.

Personal Attention

One of the major advantages of one-on-one tutoring is the unique, custom approach it uses to reach a single student at a time. The method permits a tutor to create a lesson plan that matches the learning style and abilities of a student rather than a blanket approach that a room full of students receives. This custom approach meets the needs of a student far better.

Instant Feedback and Course Correction

Confusion or misunderstanding of course material can be immediately addressed and corrected with one-to-one tutoring. With ongoing feedback from the student, a tutor can adjust lesson plans to increase understanding and foster better learning. Student progress improves and is unique to that single student which increases learning outcomes.

Ongoing Benefits

One of the most interesting benefits of one-on-one tutoring is that it impacts far more than just academic learning. With personalised, private attention, a student can develop time management skills, increase their self-esteem, and enhance their abilities to problem-solve. These are what are known as transferable skills that can be used throughout a student’s life.

One-On-One Tutoring Challenges

One-on-one tutoring has a few challenges that are important for parents to consider. Here is a closer look at the challenges.

Tutor Dependence

One of the main challenges to private tutoring is the possibility that a student may depend too much on their tutor for learning, which can harm their studying ability. Tutors must emphasise the need for self-study habits to be developed in the students they teach to avoid dependence on the tutor.

Finding The Correct Tutor

It is critical to have the correct tutor in place for one-to-one tutoring to be successful. The tutor must have proficiency in the subject(s) being taught and have a teaching style that matches the student’s learning style. It’s important that the tutor and student form a connection between them that fosters effective teaching/learning.

Cost of Tutoring

As there are many advantages to private tutoring, there is also a greater cost. This is to be expected when you compare the custom approach used in one-on-one tutoring to traditional classroom learning models. The personalisation of course material translates to more work for the tutor. However, the learning outcomes make the added investment worthwhile.

How To Choose a Tutor

A tutor is not the same as a teacher and no two tutors are alike. It is vital to verify everything from qualifications and credibility to the flexibility of scheduling to find a good match for your child.

Look for a tutor who offers a trial period or lesson so that all parties involved can “test” the waters to see if everything aligns properly and can work in the long term. The last thing you want is to be committed to a private tutoring program where your student does not connect with the tutor, or the tutor does not personalise lessons to fit the needs of your student.

At Empowering Tuition, we offer a free trial lesson so that your child can get to know their tutor and feel comfortable before moving forward. Contact us today for more information about a free trial lesson.


What are the primary benefits of one-on-one instruction?

One-on-one instruction significantly boosts student confidence. In this personalised setting, students develop a trusting relationship with their tutor, encouraging them to ask more questions and engage more deeply. Positive reinforcement from the tutor enhances their confidence, better preparing them for future academic and professional interactions.

How does one-on-one teaching enhance learning?

One-on-one teaching offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing tutors to modify their teaching strategies in real time to suit the individual student’s pace and learning needs. This flexibility is crucial for effectively addressing specific learning gaps, providing extra support, or investigating more advanced topics as the student progresses.

What advantages does one-to-one tuition provide?

One-to-one tuition provides personalised attention and support, catering to each student’s unique learning needs and objectives. This tailored approach is especially effective in online settings, where tutors can focus exclusively on one student, ensuring they receive the guidance and support needed to excel.

What makes one-on-one tutoring a highly effective educational method?

One-on-one tutoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways to enhance a student’s academic performance and self-confidence. It offers personalised support that helps students reach their full potential. However, while highly effective, one-on-one tutoring generally costs more so may require careful consideration and planning to find the right tutor.


The educational experience of an individual student can be greatly enhanced through private, one-to-one tutoring. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. A private tutor offers personalised, custom lesson plans, flexibility in scheduling, better engagement, and improvements to teaching based on feedback and observation. Naturally, the added cost of this service and the challenge of finding the right fit of tutor to student are important considerations but the overall advantages should outweigh these issues.

As impressive as the results that can come from private tutoring, it is important to remember that a tutor is greater than a teaching aid. A tutor is an important investment in the future of your child as transferable skills that are first developed in the tutoring sessions can be used well into the student’s adult life, providing long-term benefits beyond the initial teaching phase.

If you’re interested in learning more about one-on-one tutoring, make sure that you get in touch with us.